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About New Jersey –

New Jersey is a state in the United States that is located in both the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. It is the most densely populated state in the United States, and it is located in the heart of the Northeast megalopolis, the nation’s most populous metropolitan agglomeration. New Jersey is bound by New York state on the north and east, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, southeast, and south, the Delaware River and Pennsylvania on the west, and Delaware Bay and Delaware on the southwest. New Jersey was the third state to ratify the United States Constitution and the first to sign the Bill of Rights in 1787. Trenton was designated as the state capital of New Jersey in 1790. William Livingston was elected as New Jersey’s first governor. 

New Jersey’s cost of living is 12% higher than the national average. Housing costs 32% more than the national average, while utilities cost 8% more. When it comes to basic necessities like food and clothing, foodstuffs are around 4% more expensive than the rest of the country, while apparel is 4% more expensive. New Jersey is a pleasant area to live. Residents are among the happiest in the country, thanks to the high quality of life, excellent healthcare and public education, and a thriving employment market. 

Status of Mortician Schools in New Jersey – 

The American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) accredited a number of mortuary schools in the state of New Jersey. These colleges provide mortuary science programmes that meet the educational criteria for funeral director and embalmer license in New Jersey.

Individuals pursuing licensure in New Jersey must also complete an apprenticeship and pass a licensing exam in addition to finishing a recognised mortuary science programme. It is crucial to remember that licensure requirements differ from state to state, so it is always a good idea to examine the exact requirements in the state where you intend to work.

What is the Employment rate in New Jersey?

The average annual unemployment rate for 2022 was 3.7 percent, down from 6.6 percent in 2021 and just one-tenth of a percentage point higher than the national figure of 3.6 percent. New Jersey employs 145 million people. When compared to May 2020, this indicates an 8.45% increase in employment. Because of the pandemic’s historic character, some people are choosing not to return to work, contributing to the high unemployment rate. Hughes believes that New Jersey’s reliance on New York City’s economy around 400,000 New Jerseyans work for New York City enterprises is not helping. 

The varied economy of New Jersey comprises large pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, advanced manufacturing, information technology, transportation, and logistics industries. Our Business Advocates understand your sector and everything New Jersey can provide to your business plan.

What are the career opportunities as a mortician in Arizona?

A mortuary in most jurisdictions, including New Jersey one must have at least an associate degree in Mortuary Science. A bachelor’s degree is required by certain funeral homes in Arizona and across the country. There are over 60 Mortuary Science programmes available in the United States, according to the American Board of Funeral Service Education. 

Also there are many funeral homes, hospitals etc., that offer mortuary jobs with a good paying/salary, so that a person can enjoy a healthy and peaceful life.  The average Funeral Director & Mortician pay in New Jersey is $111,222, which is 4% less than the national average of $116,458. This is 15% less than the combined average salary of New York, NY, Boston, MA, and Seattle, WA.

Number of Mortuary Schools in New Jersey – 

There are two colleges in New Jersey that provide a Mortuary science degree and funeral service degree – 

  1. American Academy McAllister Institute
  2. Eastwick College – Hackensack

Here is a brief explanation about the programme, its requirements, fees, curriculums and overview – 

  • American Academy McAllister Institute – 

Programme Link – 

Programme description – The Funeral Service Associate Degree programme, which consists of three or four semesters of on-campus training, was established in 1977. It provides future funeral care practitioners with balanced, complete academic training, allowing them to satisfy the expectations of an increasingly demanding and better-educated audience. AAMI began offering its Associate Degree Programme online in 2006, giving students more flexibility in terms of time and location. In terms of content, courses, and requirements, the online programme is identical to the campus programme, with the exception of the mode of delivery and the possibility to study part-time.

Programme requirements – AAMI expects students to complete all curricular courses. All courses are listed along with any prerequisites and corequisites. The first column on the left of the chart lists the needed sequence for enrolling in courses. A student who wishes to attend part-time while also ensuring completion of the programme in the required four years should follow the course listing in categories A through K. 

Tuition fees – there is no clear statement related to their fees structure. For more information do visit this link – 

  • Eastwick College – Hackensack

Programme Link – 

Programme Description – The Associate in Applied Science in Funeral Service programme at Eastwick College is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce as funeral service interns, including embalming, funeral directing, funeral arrangement, pre-need, various positions in the Medical Examiner’s Office, and other related funeral service jobs. 

Programme Requirements – This course requires students to have a GPA of 2.5 and complete his/her graduation from a known institution. This course also requires students to hold a score card of NBE(National Board Examination).

License requirements – Graduates of the programme in New Jersey must meet the licensure requirements of N.J.A.C. 13:36-3.1, which include graduation from an American Board of Funeral Service Education-accredited programme, passing scores on the National Board Exam (administered by the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards), as well as the Mortuary Jurisprudence Examination and the Practical Examination.

Students applying for admission to the funeral service programme at Eastwick College who wish to gain licensure outside of New Jersey should contact their respective state board of funeral service to inquire about the acceptance of this programme of instruction by that state board.

Tuition fees – Visit this link for more information about their programme aid. 

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