Mortician schools in West Virginia

How to Become a Mortician In Virginia?

In order to become a mortician in Virginia you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. You must also have a mortuary science degree from an institution or university certified by the american board of funeral service education (abfse).

How to Become a Mortician In Virginia?

Facts About West Virginia – 

West Virginia is a state in the eastern United States located in the Appalachian Mountains. Harpers Ferry, located where the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers meet, is the location of a notable Civil War-era raid. The town is surrounded by a national historical park and looks exactly like it did in the nineteenth century, with many of the buildings open to the public as living-history museums. The state’s rolling mountains, hills, and valleys earned it the moniker “Mountain State,” and it is well-known for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and whitewater rafting. 

West Virginia is a fantastic state for outdoor enthusiasts because it contains mountains, lakes, rivers, and woods. West Virginia is known as the Mountain State for a reason: it is located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and is one of the most densely forested states in the United States. Also, West Virginia has the second lowest cost of living in the country. 

What is the employment rate in West Virginia?

West Virginia’s employment rate is 4.7% as of March 2023. This is slightly higher than the 4.2% national average. The state’s economy is mainly reliant on the coal industry, which has encountered considerable challenges in recent years as demand for coal has declined and competition from natural gas and renewable energy sources has increased. 

West Virginia’s unemployment rate is 4.7%.

What are the legal requirements to become a mortician in West Virginia?

An individual must complete the following legal requirements to become a licenced mortician in West Virginia:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Complete a mortuary science programme authorized by the West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners or accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.
  • Serve a one-year apprenticeship under the supervision of a licensed mortician.
  • Pass both the National Board Exam and the West Virginia State Board Examination.
  • Submit to a criminal history check.
  • The West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners will issue you a funeral establishment license.
  • Continued education is required to renew their license.

What are the career opportunities for morticians in West Virginia?

What are the career opportunities for morticians in West Virginia

Morticians, often known as funeral directors or undertakers, are vital members of the funeral care sector. Individuals interested in pursuing this profession will find a variety of career opportunities in West Virginia. The opportunities such as – 

  • Mortuary science graduates can work at funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories. They could also work in hospitals, medical examiner offices, and government agencies. 
  • Morticians can specialize in areas such as grief counseling, pre-need planning, and body preparation in addition to offering funeral services.

In the end , a career as a mortician in West Virginia provides security, meaningful employment, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of grieving families.

Number of mortuary schools in West Virginia – 

As of now there are two colleges in West Virginia that offers a mortuary science degree and associate professional degree with training – 

  1. Pittsburgh Institute of mortuary Science At west Virginia University 
  2. Mountain State College 

 Here is the brief description about the program, requirements, curriculums and tuition fees with program links – 

  • Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science at West Virginia University

Program Link – Click

Program Description – The student is introduced to the science of embalming, including its history, etymology, and procedures. The preparation area, as well as the necessary instruments and equipment, are provided. The clinical laboratory processes and protocols for embalming normal and infected cases, as well as the impact of OSHA and government regulation on the work environment, are discussed. Basic chemistry principles as they apply to organic decomposition and embalming chemicals are discussed. The chemical concepts and precautions involved in the attempted preservation and disinfection of the dead human body are particularly emphasized.

Program Requirement – The accreditation of PIMS allows students to take the National Board Examination in all 50 states, but prospective students must familiarize themselves with the licensing and educational requirements of the state in which they intend to be licensed. If you have any queries about such particular criteria, please contact the Institute. 

Tuition fees visit this link for more information related to the course fees. 

  • Mountain State College – 

Program Link – Click

Program Requirements – You must be at least 18 years old.

Graduation from a regionally accredited four-year high school or its equivalent, such as a recognised G.E.D., or other evidence of academic achievement, such as a post-secondary transcript with at least nine credits exclusive of developmental courses and a satisfactory grade point average. Finish all developmental English and math courses. Complete all Pre-Funeral Services curriculum courses with a “C” or better.

Program Description – The Funeral Services Programme is designed to give students with the technical skills, academic background, hands-on experience, and professional attitudes needed to become fully licenced funeral directors and embalmers. The Funeral Services Programme seeks to assist graduates in recognising their value as members of the funeral services profession. 

Tuition feesgo through this link for more information related to all the expenses and tuition fees. 

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