Mortician schools in Virginia

About Virginia – 

Between the Atlantic Coast and the Appalachian Mountains, in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern parts of the United States, is the state of Virginia, formerly known as the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains both influence its landscape and climate. Richmond serves as the state’s capital. Virginia Beach is the state’s most populated city, while Fairfax County is the state’s most populous governmental subdivision. In 2022, Virginia had a population of about 8.68 million people, with 35% of them residing in the Greater Washington metropolitan area.

In contrast to other states, Virginia treats its cities and counties equally, although it manages the majority of the local roadways inside each of them. Additionally, it is the only state that forbids governors from serving successive terms. The Shenandoah Valley is home to a thriving agricultural sector, while Northern Virginia is home to high-tech companies and federal organizations like the U.S. Department of Defence and Central Intelligence Agency. Military facilities are also located in Hampton Roads, which also serves as the main seaport for the state of Virginia.

Mortuary school status in Virginia – 

According to the Board, those who want to work as morticians in Virginia must have a minimum of a high school diploma, attend a mortuary college, and have completed at least 18 months of an apprenticeship before or after starting their education. After receiving their licenses, morticians must complete 5 hours of annual continuing education. In Virginia, an embalmer, mortuary assistant, or funeral director can expect to make roughly $48,680 per year. 

Most funeral facilities in Virginia employ morticians. The majority of their time is spent in the funeral home where they prepare bodies and perform funeral rites. Funeral services may also be held at cemeteries, private residences, houses of worship, or other important locations for the deceased or their loved ones. As of now there are only two colleges in Virginia that provide a mortuary science or associate in funeral service degree.  

What is the employment rate in Virginia?

The unemployment rate in Virginia is at 3.0%, down from 2.80% last month and 3.30% a year ago. This is less than the average over the long run of 4.61%. Although Virginia’s state unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country, it increased last month and is now higher than it was a year ago. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, Virginia’s unemployment rate was 3.2% in January, up from 3.1% in December and 2.9% in January 2022. 

Virginia’s GDP increased by 1.3% from 2021 to $498.8 billion in 2022. The GDP of Virginia increased at an annualized rate of 1.3% from 2012 to 2022. Overall, it can be said that morticians can earn good in the state of Virginia and can live happily and peacefully. 

What are all the Career opportunities as a Mortician in Virginia?

Morticians in Virginia earn up to $1,16,700 on average, which is an adequate salary or income in the state of Virginia to live a happy and safe lifestyle. Because Virginia has a solid and good economy rate in terms of hospitality, a mortician can easily get employment. But there are many requirements in the state to become a mortician such as, a person must pass a state licensing exam. You must be at least 21 years old and have finished at least a two-year schooling as well as your apprenticeship to take the exam. After which his chances of getting employed increases. 

A mortician can either work as a mortician, funeral director, embalmer in funeral homes or in hospitals as well. 

Number of mortuary schools in virginia – 

There are two colleges in Virginia that provide a Mortuary science degree and funeral service degree with a professional training  – 

  1. Tidewater Community College
  2. Mountain Empire Community College 

Here is a brief explanation about the programme, its requirements, fees, curriculums and overview – 

  • Tidewater Community College – 

Programme Link – 

Programme Description – A funeral service professional is licenced by the state and specializes in all aspects of funeral service, including bereavement support, body preparation in accordance with the wishes of the survivors and legal requirements, and securing all necessary information for legal documents. TCC’s nationally approved funeral service programme blends technical education with the business skills needed to succeed in an industry with many opportunities. Following the death of a loved one, the funeral director gives compassionate care to families and individuals. The programme also emphasizes the business skills required to run the day-to-day operations of a funeral home.

Programme requirements – Admission to the funeral service programme is competitive and needs a special application in addition to ordinary college admission. With an overall GPA of 2.75. 

Tuition fees – Please check this link for tuition fees information – 

  • Mountain Empire Community College

Programme Link – 

Programme Description – The Funeral Services Programme is designed to give students with the technical skills, academic background, hands-on experience, and professional attitudes needed to become fully licenced funeral directors and embalmers. The Funeral Services Programme seeks to assist graduates in recognising their value as members of the funeral services profession. 

Programme Requirements – Students must be 18 years old, graduated with a four years of high school diploma, must have completed all the english and mathematics courses. 

Tuition fees – For tuition information please visit the programme link provided above. 

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